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(CReate WEB)
This is a mirror of crweb's homepage at "".
crweb is a nifty little program that will eventually store comments associated with files and create functional (that is to say, probably, bland) little web pages based off of the comments. some future plans include a frontend, image thumbnail creation, web page generation, etc. currently all that is done is the dumb little backend, and it needs work. i am releasing it because i am horrible at writing frontends, and i hope that some nice person will take the time to at least give me a sketch of how the frontend should work. will you be that nice person? i'll put your name right here (unless you ask me not to, of course)! ("please" x 15) mail me at
all right, here's what works so far: the backend, called becrweb (Back End CReate WEB), takes the arguments --add, --del, --mod, --ret, and --list, to add a file/description, delete a file/description, modify a file/description, return one file/description, and list all files/descriptions, respectively. that's it. as i said, this really needs a frontend, or possibly two: one for the adding of new files and descriptions, another to make the web pages from them.
here is the backend, a small perl program.
becrweb - backend.

crweb and all of its components, including the backend, are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. i have plans to release them into the public domain at some point.
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