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No longer a secondary mirror, because's ftp servers are down. The XOOM mirror has the old version! Don't use it! This site was a secondary mirror because of Tripod's server setup: it thinks the file "acro" is text/html. If you want to get acro here, you can click on the links below. The primary mirror was at "".

The (rather unreliable) main site of this program, as well as the author, is at "". It is the soonest to be updated, as well as containing an archive of all previous releases, and a changelog-like thingie.

acro is a perl program i made to generate random acronyms, a la Undernet #acro. it doesn't guide you through the acronym process, it just generates the acronyms.

[23 October 1999]: version 2.1.02 is out. version 2.1.02 allows you to generate multiple acros, separated by newlines. useful for password generation.

Version 2.1.02:

any bug reports/etc. should go to
acro is released under the GNU General Public License. For a copy of this document, visit
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